From September 14 till September 28, 2019 Art-hotel Panorama in Pyrgadikia will organize an artist-in-residence program in its premises with the theme Histoires. Disciplines: painting, drawing, photography, acting, performance.
Languages: Greek, English, German.

Pyrgadikia is a small fishing village in Halkidiki, the distance to Thessaloniki is about 100km.

The minimum number of participants will be 5 and the maximum 12. During the residency period there will be no other guests in the hotel.

The aim of our program is to get artists, who are interested in the landscape of Halkidiki and in Greek culture, in touch with these, and to give them the opportunity to produce work based on their perceptions and impressions during the residency period.

At the same time we want to provide participants with a setting which encourages them to engage in a dialogue with each other. We consider this element as important as the first objective. For this reason the minimum number of participants will be 5.

We are looking for artists who have a genuine interest in what we have to offer, who value the company of other artists and who are willing to engage in a dialogue with them. We think that especially artists who want to reflect on their work, or who want to explore new directions, will profit from our program.

Communal spaces in the building and the garden will be adapted to offer workspace for the participants. In the basement floor there will be 3 rooms, each of them 22 m2, available for painters.
On September 30 there will be a small event in the hotel, which will allow the participants to show the work they have produced. There is also the possibility to have one’s work exhibited later in the year in a venue in the centre of Thessaloniki.


The fee for the whole residency period is 700 Euro; this includes:
-a room with a balcony, bathroom, 2 beds and a small fridge, but no TV (which can’t be found in the whole hotel)
-breakfast and lunch
-a posting of one piece of work, produced during the residency, on the website of Art-hotel Panorama, which will also pay a professional photographer to photograph the pieces
-a one day excursion during the first week, and, maybe, this will depend on the weather and the number of participants, another one during the second week.

Not included are:

-travel expenses
-art materials; participants need to bring their own. An A3 printer will be available and can be used for cost price.
-transport during the residency period; for instance a taxi to Aghios Nikolaos (participants can lower these expenses by sharing a taxi).

Useful information

Pyrgadikia has a choice of restaurants and cafe’s, one mini-market for daily necessities and a bakery, but no bank, no ATM, no health centre and no pharmacy. Aghios Nikolaos, 17km away, has a health centre, a pharmacy and a postoffice. Arnea, 25km away, has a bank, a pharmacy, a supermarket and a postoffice.

How to reach Art-hotel Panorama.

The nearest airport is Macedonia Airport located East of Thessaloniki. From the airport you can take a taxi to the KTEL-bus station Halkidiki, this will cost 7-10 Euro. From the bus station you can take a bus to Arnea or Aghios Nikolaos; timetables you can find on From Aghios Nikolaos you can take a taxi to Pyrgadikia for around 25 Euro. If you wish to stay in Thessaloniki before travelling to Pyrgadikia, you can take bus nr. 78 to the city centre. You can also rent a car at the airport.

How to apply.

-Fill out the application form.
The deadline for applications is July 1, you will be informed by email if you are selected or not by July 15.

Application Form
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*postal/zip code *country

* E-mail *website

*Social Media * Phone

* Special needs or requirements

* Project description
What do you want to do during residency?

* Brief biography
Who you are, what you do, shorter is better

*For visual artists:
Send us 6 images of recent work, preferably in jpeg

For further information contact:,