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Nearby attractions

► Other points of interest within 20-30km from Pyrgadikia:

Gomati village and its beaches (Develiki, Pirgos, Chiliadou, Petalidi)
Ammouliani island, connected by frequent ferryboat routes to Tripiti (the beach across).

The wonderful view of the Diapori islands near Vourvourou and Ormos Panagias.
Karydi beach at the end of Vourvourou village -on your way heading south to Sithonia.
Agios Nikolaos' coasts and beaches (Trani Ammouda, Latoura, Lagonisi and more)
Akti Salonikiou & Latomeio beaches


Take the boat from Ormos Panagias for a daily cruise around Athos peninsula
Tour the archaeological sites of the area
Explore Mount Cholomondas
Go trekking
Visit the nearby Metagkitsi village for excellent meat

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